Fundraiser promotion usually goes somewhat like this: you send out a newsletter telling your school or club what you want them to buy or sell. Problem is, this isn’t an effective method of promoting any fundraiser. With little buy-in and only a few people knowing about it, chances of success are reasonably limited.

That’s where these nine fundraiser promotion ideas will come in handy.

We’ve put together a collection of tips on marketing a fundraiser to help you reach the largest amount of supporters to maximise your success.

6 Fundraiser Promotion Ideas to Ensure You Get Noticed & Succeed

Whether you’re promoting a fundraising event or selling a product, the key to success is the support of your target community. To achieve this, you need to have chosen the right event to run or product to sell, as well as what to tell your supporters. We recommend taking a read of our article Using Gift Giving Psychology to Improve Your Fundraising Efforts for more ideas around this.

Once you’re ready to start marketing your fundraiser, consider one or all six of these ideas:

  • Emails – if you have an email subscriber list, send them a group of three emails. The first announces the fundraiser, the second reminds about it and the third is a last chance email to create urgency to act now.
  • Use social media – let those who follow you online know about your fundraiser by posting about it. Create a promotional graphic and ask people to share it with others. Encourage people to comment and like your post to increase its reach. Use a range of different social media platforms too.
  • Local media – both radio and print media often will promote a charitable or non-profit event for free. Contact them with your fundraiser details and ask. You could write up and send in a press release which could get the attention of a journalist wanting to learn more.
  • Get out there – set up a booth or space at a market or on the street to tell people about your event who you wouldn’t have reached otherwise.
  • Storytelling – craft a powerful story about the reasons why the fundraiser exists. Include in that details about the people whom the fundraiser supports and how they will benefit from it.
  • Influencers and celebrities – get in touch with local celebrities and online influencers who may be willing to help share information about your fundraiser within their circle.

Our fundraising ideas and tips blog is packed full of useful advice to help with your fundraising efforts –take a read today to increase your fundraising success.

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