Everyone wants to host a successful fundraiser. You and your team will put a significant amount of time and effort into planning and hosting it after all. If only there was a magic wand you could wave to ensure a successful fundraiser…

Well, there’s not. But there are six things you can to which can immensely increase the chance of achieving one. We’ll cover what they are next.

How to Achieve a Successful Fundraiser

There are six things you can do to increase the likelihood of achieving a successful fundraiser. They are:

  1. Create a plan – like most things in life, if you have a plan, you are more likely to achieve success. A plan for your fundraiser will contain information such as your goals, your target audience, how you will market the fundraiser and when it will be held. Your plan should also contain details about your fundraising story.
  2. Identify the value it will offer your target market – in order to support you, your target audience will want to know two things: who will it help and what will it offer them. Be sure that you know the value it will provide them so you can explain it when asked and in your marketing.
  3. Set a goal – know what you want to achieve financially and otherwise, so you have something tangible to work towards.
  4. Set a budget – how much do you have to spend for this fundraiser? Then break it down into individual parts. What amount will you need to cover all costs and end up with your required profit?
  5. Choose a theme – a theme will help you with promoting and managing all aspects of your fundraiser. People tend to get behind something which has a clear direction, which is what a theme provides. Using the theme across your fundraiser also helps others spread the word about it, as they find it easy to relate with (if you pick a theme which resonates with your target audience). Take a read of our article Using Fundraising Themes to Boost Your Success for more ideas about fundraising themes.
  6. Thank your supporters – in what ways will you thank those who support you? Not only will this give them warm fuzzies, but it also encourages future support as they appreciate not being taken for granted. Remember that those who support you are not just the ones who give a financial contribution, but the venue owner, volunteers and the wider community.

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