In the past, selling raffle tickets has been the basis of many successful fundraisers. Times have changed though, and with NZ’s gambling regulations and a lack of interest from the community, selling raffle tickets just isn’t that viable anymore.

We’ve put together a list of seven easy fundraising ideas for your organisation to sell instead of raffle tickets.

Stop Selling Raffle Tickets: Try These Ideas Instead

If you’re ready to kick raffle tickets to the curb, you’ll want an activity which is just as easy and more profitable to do. These seven fundraising ideas are just the trick:

  1. Restaurant partnership – local businesses are regularly approached for donations to help school and charities. Why not give them something back, by sending them more customers and getting a small donation for each purchase they make in return? It’s a great way to boost their profile and business, and super easy for you to do.
  2. Coin jar – ask local businesses if you can place an empty jar on their counters, with a label explaining what your cause is. Customers can put their loose change inside and all you need to do is collect the coins regularly.
  3. Swap day – whether it’s books, clothing or produce, hosting a swap day on your premises and charging and entry fee is a great little fundraising. Other than setting up your room, collecting admission and advertising the event, there’s no work to do.
  4. Eco gifts – collect orders and money for any of our eco fundraising gifts, and when you’ve finished, simply order from us and distribute the products when they arrive. You can make between 20-50% profit!
  5. Community potluck – invite the locals around for a potluck meal. Ask for a donation for entry and enjoy the opportunity to share more about your cause with attendees.
  6. Give it up challenge – challenge your community to give something up for a month, a week or a year, and donate what they would have spent on that product to your cause.
  7. Dress-up day – dress up as a movie character, a book hero or just your own mufti clothes, and pay a donation to the cause for doing so. Very simple and effective at raising fund quickly.

For more great fundraising ideas, take a read of our article Best 10 Fundraising Ideas for Non-profits and remember to download your copy of our free fundraising catalogue today.

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