Fundraising is a fact of life for non-profit organisations. Finding the perfect fundraising ideas for nonprofits, though can be somewhat of a challenge. With every other not for profit group either repeating the same fundraiser or borrowing ideas for others, finding a profitable and engaging fundraising idea for your non-profit is hard work. That’s why we’ve put together a list of ten of our favourite fundraising ideas for nonprofits to help get your creative juices flowing.

10 Awesome Fundraising Ideas for Nonprofits

A successful fundraising idea regardless of the cause, is one which is original, aimed at the target audience, easily promoted and has a great fundraising story attached. We know that finding the right idea for your non-profit can be challenging, so here are ten of our favourite ideas to help get you started:

  1. Give it up – ask your supporters to give something up for a day or a week and donate the money to your cause instead. The aim here is to show that even the smallest donation can make a big difference.


  1. Film festival – in groups, supporters create their own short video which is to be shared at an upcoming event for your non-profit. You could set a theme or leave it wide open for participants to choose. You could also ask supporters to make a video which promotes your non-profit which you could use in marketing promotions at a future date. During the film showing event, people can vote with their wallet for their favourite film, or you could charge a door fee.


  1. Recipe books – ask for recipes which can be shared in a recipe book you can charge for. But instead of worrying about having it printed, make it up as an eBook instead.


  1. Spare change drive – ask people to donate their spare change which could be displayed in containers to show your progress and spur more donations.


  1. Activity workshop – if you’ve got some talented volunteers or know an expert who’d be willing to donate their time, host an activity workshop. Examples of activities can include Christmas wreaths, soap making or building a raised vegetable garden.


  1. T-shirt – let your supporters show their passion for your non-profit by purchasing a wearing a t-shirt branded with your logo and a message.


  1. Virtual walkathons – participants will walk at their own time and place rather than a mass group. Their progress is recorded online, and supporters pledge a donation per kilometre a participant walked.


  1. Swap events – great if you have a large hall or office. You set the theme of the swap meet; people bring objects related to that theme to the venue. You charge a door fee and participants swap what they’ve brought for something else they want. Just make sure that they take their belongings back home with them if they couldn’t swap them!


  1. Guessing game – an easy and low cost one to do. Fill a large jar with lollies and people pay a few dollars per guess. The correct or closest guess wins the lolly jar.


  1. Cupcake war – who will be crowned cupcake champion? Participants bake and decorate their own cupcakes which are then judged by a team of volunteers. The cupcakes are then auctioned off or sold to the audience.

We hope that one of these ten fundraising ideas for nonprofits has got you and your team thinking. We’d love to help you with your fundraising too. Check out our awesome downloadable fundraising catalogue for a list of the products we can supply your non-profit with.

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