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6 Fundraiser Promotion Ideas to Maximise Success

Fundraiser promotion usually goes somewhat like this: you send out a newsletter telling your school or club what you want them to buy or sell. Problem is, this isn’t an effective method of promoting any fundraiser. With little buy-in and only a few people knowing...

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Creative Kindergarten Fundraising Ideas

It’s such a cool time in a child’s life, so why settle for boring kindergarten fundraising ideas just because that’s what is always done? Why not choose fundraisers which are creative, enjoyable, healthy, useful and eco-friendly instead? We love everything to do with...

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Healthy Fundraising Ideas for Schools

When it comes to looking for healthy fundraising ideas for a school, you could be forgiven for thinking they don’t exist – except right here! We strongly believe that by choosing healthy fundraising ideas and products, you are benefiting both your school and your...

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6 Tips On Achieving a Successful Fundraiser

Everyone wants to host a successful fundraiser. You and your team will put a significant amount of time and effort into planning and hosting it after all. If only there was a magic wand you could wave to ensure a successful fundraiser… Well, there’s not. But there are...

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Why Are Eco-Friendly Fundraisers So Successful?

Remember growing up and having to sell plastic pegs or chocolate bars? Well, they’re long gone, and eco-friendly fundraisers are here to stay; thank goodness! The thing with fundraising is that to be successful; you want to provide your supporters with something they...

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Best 10 Fundraising Ideas for Nonprofits

Fundraising is a fact of life for non-profit organisations. Finding the perfect fundraising ideas for nonprofits, though can be somewhat of a challenge. With every other not for profit group either repeating the same fundraiser or borrowing ideas for others, finding a...

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