It’s such a cool time in a child’s life, so why settle for boring kindergarten fundraising ideas just because that’s what is always done? Why not choose fundraisers which are creative, enjoyable, healthy, useful and eco-friendly instead?

We love everything to do with kindy, so it makes sense that we’ve identified some really neat kindergarten fundraising ideas for you. Get ready to have your socks blown off (or covered with playdough).

7 Creative Kindergarten Fundraising Ideas

Without further ado, because who’s got any free time with pre-schoolers in the house, here is our list of seven creative ideas for your kindy fundraisers:

  1. Art gallery fundraiser – purchase large plain canvases and have the kids paint and decorate each one. Set up an auction night where parents and those in the community can come and bid on them.


  1. Book and toy sale – ask families and the local community to donate second-hand books and toys for you to sell. You could set guidelines and be highly specific in the type of items you will accept to make things easier to manage.


  1. Movie night – contact your local cinema and ask if you can book out cinema for the night. Choose a movie which would appeal to your audience, sell tickets and create grab bags for each person. You could even sell food and drink if permitted and run raffles during the night too.


  1. Christmas stocking goodies – parents are always looking for great Christmas stocking fillers. We have plenty of awesome product options, where you’ll be able to onsell the product and make a profit doing so. Make sure you take a look at our fundraising product selection – there’s no chocolate here!


  1. Babysitting night – parents drop their kids off at kindy for a few hours (for a price) and everyone enjoys themselves! You’d need to chat with the kindy teachers about adult to child ratios here.


  1. Raffles – either ask parents to donate an item or chat with local businesses if they would be willing to donate a prize for your raffle. Sell tickets to the local community by sending them home to parents, and letting people know on social media.


  1. Photography – many photographers are happy to give a kindergarten a percentage of their profits for taking photos. If you organise the attendance and the venue, all the photographer has to do is turn up and take the photos. A great fundraiser to promote around the start and end of the school year when parents are looking for gifts and to mark their child’s new life stage.

We’d love to help your kindergarten meet its fundraising goals. Download a free copy of our fundraising catalogue today and get started!

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