When it comes to sports and clubs in New Zealand, money is often in short supply. The pressure is then on to come up with successful clubs and sports fundraising ideas to undertake each year. But there is a limit to just how many times you can hold a sausage sizzle or quiz night successfully.

To help the many sports teams and clubs throughout the country with their fundraising, we’ve put together some specific ideas for them to consider.

7 Clubs and Sports Fundraising Ideas

To help your sports team or club’s fundraising efforts, here are seven ideas to try:

  1. T-shirt fundraising – ideal if you have a wide community following or plenty of members. You can design, print and then sell t-shirts which have been branded in your team’s colours or logo. If you have a member who has access to a vinyl cutting machine and heat-press, this can be done very easily and affordably too.
  2. School holiday programs – get together some volunteers from your club to organise and run school holiday lessons or programs. Upon paying a fee, the children have access to lessons and activities to develop their skills in your club’s chosen sport.
  3. Fitness classes – engage the services of a fitness professional (or volunteer) and run paid fitness classes for your members and the community. A great way to get ready for the upcoming season and to earn cash for your club.
  4. Eco-friendly products – people love supporting sports teams and clubs when they receive something of value in return. Our range of eco-friendly fundraising products include Kai Carriers (perfect for a mid-game snack) and reusable cups (for side-line spectators) which are always popular!
  5. Club website – there are many things you can sell on a website, advertising included. By having a website for your sports team or club, you not only keep members and the community informed, but you can also sell advertising to sponsors. Why not also take orders for your chosen eco-friendly fundraising products too, making the process even easier!
  6. Car boot sale – charge a fee to those wishing to sell their belongings at your car boot sale. But this is also a great time to sell any old equipment or furniture you have around the club too.
  7. Match-day car wash – while your spectators are watching the game, get your volunteers out there to wash their cars for a donation!

For more clubs and sports fundraising ideas, be sure to check out our blog section next.

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