Are you stuck for school fundraising ideas? Want to do something other than a sausage sizzle? At Real Good Fundraising, we appreciate that schools find it challenging to come up with new and exciting fundraising ideas. That’s why we’ve put together this awesome collection of school fundraising ideas!

The Ultimate List of School Fundraising Ideas

Forget boring school fundraisers! We’re here to help you raise the bar to earn your school some well-deserved funds. To give you some ideas to consider, we’ve put together this ultimate list of school fundraising ideas:

  • create a cookbook – ask families to share a favourite recipe, then compile them all into a downloadable cookbook. This way you save on printing costs too.
  • reconnect challenge – kids (and adults) are sponsored to not use any devices for 24 hours. You could combine this with another event, such as a school-wide sleepover.
  • grow seedlings – collect seeds and plant them to grow seedlings which you can sell. Vegetable seedlings are always a popular seller.
  • start an online donation page – on your school website, set up a donation page which explains what you are fundraising for, and gives a couple of payment options for people to make donations with. Share the link to this page via social media and other methods.
  • silent auction – ask your community to donate items which could be sold during a silent auction. This could be an hour of gardening, a night in a holiday home, a product or service. Kids artwork is also an idea.
  • matching gifts – ask local companies if they’d be prepared to match the donations your fundraiser receives. Not only is it good PR for them, but you double your income too.
  • pyjama day – everyone can come to school in their pyjamas – for a donation.
  • babysitting evening – spend the evening at school watching movies while the teachers babysit your kids – for a donation.
  • read-a-thon – kids are sponsored for every book they read over a week, month or term. This is a great way to encourage some competition between kids and boost reading levels too.
  • lolly jar guess – for a donation, people can make a guess about how many lollies are in the jar. The best guess wins the jar.
  • video game tournament – entrants pay a donation to enter the tournament to see who will be crowned the winner. You can have different levels based o skill or ages. It can be run during lunchtimes too, ideal for the winter months.
  • car wash – grab some volunteer students and parents, then hold a car wash at school or the local garage for a donation.
  • cook off or master chef competition – who can cook the best Yorkshire pudding? Which teacher makes the nicest chocolate cake? Host a cooking or baking competition where votes are made with a gold coin.
  • lip sync showdown – great for a week of wet lunchtimes, get your students or teachers up on stage to lip sync to their favourite tunes. Charge an admission fee to watch.
  • coin jars – ask local businesses to have a small jar on their counters for donations. Make sure you label the jar so people know what they are donating for.
  • crazy hair days – kids come to school with wacky hairdos for a donation. The school can vote for a winner, giving them extra free time during class as a prize.
  • fashion show – dress up to the nines and strut your stuff on the catwalk. You may find local clothing stores are happy for you to borrow their latest ranges for people to wear on the night too. Charge an admission on the door.
  • school disco – put on some tunes and dance away lunchtime or a Friday evening at the school disco. Charge an admission fee at the door.
  • go-kart derby – have each class or group of students create a go-kart at school. Race these carts, with the winner receiving a small prize. People can make a guess who will win with a donation, or charge admission to see the race itself.
  • sell eco-friendly fundraising products – we’ve put a lot of effort into choosing products that your school can sell for a profit. Our eco-friendly range contains something for everyone, and you don’t need to purchase any products upfront. Simply collect orders and payments, then get in touch with us to ship the products to you.
  • quiz night – sell tickets to teams who will then answer questions researched and set by your students. It’s an idea time for the kids to show they’re smarter than the adults!
  • battle of the bands – get the local bands and/or your student bands to enter in a battle of the bands contest. Charge admission to the night of the concert, with a cash prize going to the winning band.
  • movie night – many cinemas will let you sell tickets to a movie and keep a percentage of sales. Or you would host a movie night in the school hall, showing a recent release and charge admission.
  • Christmas houses – community members volunteer to decorate their houses and allow visitors to come and see what they’ve done. Tickets are sold, and then the addresses are shared and can be visited for a few hours on a specific day.
  • craft market – not only can the kids sell crafts they have made, but you can charge businesses to let them sell theirs in your school hall. Depending on your community, you may be able to charge a door fee too.

Where to Next for Your School Fundraising?

There’s never one fundraising idea which suits all schools and communities. Often multiple school fundraising ideas are usually necessary to meet a fundraising goal. This makes having a fundraising plan an absolute must-have. A great place to start is by writing up a fundraising strategy. This is a written plan which details the goals and activities your school will do to meet your fundraising requirements. You can learn more about writing a fundraising strategy here.

You’ll also need to consider a marketing strategy. How will you promote your events or activities to the wider community? Take a read of our article 6 Fundraiser Promotion Ideas to Maximise Success for some ideas on what you can do promotion-wise.

Often it helps to use a theme for your fundraising, especially if you are fundraising for a specific item. A theme helps set the mood and can be tailored to fit with your school’s ethos and target audience. Take a read of our article Using Fundraising Themes to Boost Your Success for further ideas on this.

It’s also a good idea to put some thought around the psychology of giving and how it relates to your fundraising activities or events. Having your fundraising appeal to and relate with your target audience makes selling much easier. Take a read of our article Using Gift Giving Psychology to Improve Your Fundraising Efforts for ideas about this.

Finally, don’t forget to grab your free copy of our eco-friendly fundraising products catalogue too! We make it easy for you to fundraise for your school, creating healthier kids and a happier planet!

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