Donations can be hard to come by in early childhood centres, so finding profitable and easy to run fundraising ideas for kids and parents to get behind, you grab them with open arms! Here at Real Good Fundraising, we understand just how hard it can be to raise money for a cause. After all, we’re parents ourselves, and getting donations can feel like dragging blood from a stone.

Having a go-to list of fundraising ideas for kids is a must, and we’ve put this one together especially for kindergartens, preschools and early childhood centres.

Top NZ Fundraising Ideas for Kids in Early Childhood Centres

Ready to bring in some cash? These top fundraising ideas for kids in preschools and kindergartens are sure to be winners!

  • Printed t-shirts – have your community put their support behind your centre by wearing a t-shirt with your logo on it. Or you could encourage parents to purchase a shirt for their child, with the view that they wear it to the centre and get it messy, rather than their good clothing. There are quite a few online local businesses who will let you upload your graphics to their website and then screen print the t-shirts for you. You then on sell the t-shirts at a higher price than they cost.
  • Eco friendly fundraising products – this is one of our strengths. We’ve gathered a wide variety of eco-friendly products for you to promote and sell to your community. We’ll either send the products to you and you own them outright. Or you can take orders from your community and then order from us.
  • Gift wrapping services – idea for around Christmas time, set up a few tables either at your centre or local shopping mall and for a donation, you’ll wrap their presents for them. Many large shopping malls are happy to support this by providing the space, the wrapping paper and promoting it to their audience. So it pays to get in there and ask the management if this is something that your centre could do.
  • Face painting – grab out the face paints and offer to paint faces for a donation. Aim for a location with a lot of people, such as a school fair or market. Or you could ask to set up outside a children’s themed business. Most businesses would be happy to let you do this for free, as they’ll benefit from the additional foot traffic too.
  • Photos with Santa – borrow a Santa suit, find a volunteer and create a special North Pole Grotto at your centre. Let local schools and other early childhood centres know they can come and meet Santa, with a donation for a photo. You don’t need a professional photographer, just a parent who is good with a camera. Then have the photos printed and delivered to the kids via an online portal or even digitally, or available for collection at your centre.
  • eBook – here the sky is the limit when it comes to what topic or genre your eBook could be. Often it pays to use the strengths within your community, so ask around for volunteers who would be willing to create some copy for your eBook. Ideas could include a cookbook fill of favourite recipes or those targeted specifically at young children, a children’s story book, a how to guide on using social media or how to build a fence!
  • Hire out your buildings – this will depend on insurance and other policies your organisation has. But if you are not using them on the weekend and evenings, and you have a volunteer who is happy to be there then, why not hire them for a fee.
  • Vegetable gardens – make gardening a part of each day with the kids, teaching them how to plant seeds and care for the plants. If parents or a business could donate seeds or plants and fertiliser, it would then be no cost to you to grow vegetables. This means 100% profit when you sell them to your community. It might even encourage more vegetable eating by the kids too.
  • Trike a thon – grab those three wheelers and balance bikes for some hot wheeling action at a trike-a-thon! The children are sponsored to join in by way of a donation from friends, family and other community members. You could even run a sausage sizzle or other food fundraiser at the same time.
  • Teach a lesson – it’s time to hit up those talented bakers, chefs, soap makers and craft lovers in your wider community. Ask them to volunteer some time to teach a lesson at your centre, to which you will charge an entrance fee. You’ll find that lots of people would love to learn a new skill and are happy to pay for it.
  • Make and sell slime – here’s something the kids will love helping you with! During a few sessions, get them involved in making slime and packaging into donated used jars. These can then be sold for a profit to families and others in the community.
  • Sell functional fundraising gifts – help your community out by organising their Christmas or special event shopping for them. Collect orders for reusable canvas bags to take their shopping home in, or sell NZ made soap and reusable cups as stocking fillers.
  • Make a snake – we’re not a cashless society yet, so there is time to ask for coin donations to transform into a coin snake. Remember not to glue them onto anything, as you’ll have a tough time cleaning them up before you take the coins to the bank!
  • Parents’ night out – let parents send their kids to kindy in the early evening or during the weekend for a donation. The kids get to play with the teachers (and a few helpers) and the parents enjoy some kid-free time.

We’re certain that you’ve identified many wonderful fundraising ideas your centre could use! But before you jump in and get started, remember you will need to have a fundraising strategy. This takes the form of a written plan which lays out what your goals are and the activities you will do to achieve this goal. A fundraising strategy helps keep everyone on the same page and reading our article Writing Your Fundraising Strategy is a great place to start.

The team here at Real Good Fundraising are here to help you achieve your early childhood fundraising goals. Get in touch with us to discuss how we can help, or download our free Fundraising Eco-Friendly Products Catalogue today.

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