Finding viable fundraising ideas is hard work! Between choosing ones people will support and avoiding ones you’ve done before, you can spend an incredible amount of time narrowing down possibilities. Depending on the number of people prepared to help you, your budget and availability of time, we’ve put together a great list of fundraising ideas to choose from.

25 Great Fundraising Ideas to Consider

No matter whether you are hunting for fundraising ideas for a non-profit, a school or a sports team, we’ve got you covered. Check out our list of the best ideas we’ve come across:

  1. Encourage people to ‘give it up’ for a short time and donate the money to your cause instead – perfect for giving up a daily coffee for a week, or takeaways
  2. Sell something they want – this means a product that they need and will use, as one of our eco-friendly fundraising products!
  3. Host a charity auction of donated items from local businesses
  4. Hold a walkathon where participants collect pledges to complete the walk
  5. Organise a trivia night at the local bar
  6. Talk with the local movie theatre about selling tickets for a movie event night, keeping a percentage of sales
  7. Host a car show where people park up the classic or vintage vehicles; then you charge an admission fee
  8. Wash cars at the local service station
  9. Create a raffle from donated items and sell tickets
  10. Good old Kiwi sausage sizzle
  11. Ask for donated items and host a garage sale
  12. Set up a cake stall in town
  13. Crowdfunding
  14. Send letters out to local businesses and community members asking for financial donations
  15. A game night is always fun. Start collecting those board games.
  16. Host a Master Chef competition where local chefs or restaurants sponsor a course and guests pay to eat it!
  17. Organise a geocaching event where you set the course, and people pay to hunt out the course’s GPS coordinates.
  18. Gather recipes from community members and create a cookbook to sell
  19. A mufti day where people come to work or school in clothes of their choosing, or a specific theme for a donation
  20. Teach a class. If you have a talented cook, soap maker or mechanic, ask them to teach a lesson and charge admission to it
  21. Book the local tennis courts and host a skating event, charging admission to enter
  22. An old fashioned bingo party is great fun and easy to organise
  23. Santa photos – hire a Santa or just his suit, and charge a fee to take photos with him
  24. Have the teachers babysit for a few hours at night, and parents pay for the privilege
  25. Grab some bulk wrapping paper and charge a fee to wrap Christmas presents

There’s one final recommendation we have to help you: download our fundraising catalogue which is packed with profitable eco-friendly fundraising ideas!

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