Fundraising themes are a great way to build up hype around your event, attract new donors and boost your profitability. In fact, we don’t know why more schools, charities and sports clubs aren’t using them!

Today we’re going to look at the benefits of using fundraising themes to increase the level of success you’ll achieve, as well as sharing some of our favourite theme ideas with you.

Benefits of Using Fundraising Themes

We already know that when you share the cause you are fundraising for with others, they are more likely to support you. But did you realise that when you set a theme for your fundraising efforts, it gets people’s attention? Being able to promote a theme opens up a whole new aspect to your fundraising campaign. From matching décor to flyers, and even wearing costumes or clothing related to the theme is enough to get people talking about it.

Some of the benefits you can expect to receive are:

  • Increased awareness of the public
  • Raised profile on social media as people talk and share about it
  • Increased engagement of your fundraising team
  • Attract new attention from people outside of your organisation
  • Media are more willing to help you promote it due to the level of interest it will bring their publication

Next, we’ll share some of our favourite fundraising theme ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

5 Exciting Fundraising Themes to Try

Just like with any event, a theme sets the mood. Choose a cabaret theme, and you can expect loud and boisterous participants. A craft afternoon tea party brings other feelings of peace and tranquility to an event. For this reason, when choosing your fundraising theme, be sure that it fits with your school or club ethos and your target audience.

Here are five of our favourite fundraising theme ideas:

  1. Auction a date dinner – people place their best donation forward and the highest bidder receives a dinner date with someone special (school principal, local celebrity, company CEO).
  2. Cook-off – grab some volunteer cooks and donated ingredients. The dishes they make can be bought by others, or people can vote for their favourite meal with a gold coin.
  3. Christmas tree recycling – come January, have people pay you to collect and dispose of their dead Christmas trees. Trim the branches and needles off, then chop the tree up for kindling. Sell the kindling as well!
  4. Coffee lovers party – think everything coffee flavoured here! From barista made coffee to coffee liquors and coffee cake, talk about yummy! If you can get a café on board, you could hold it at their premises where they do they work and split the profits with you.
  5. Dance party – not just for the kids! You could have a dance teacher present too.

A very popular theme at present for fundraising is eco-friendliness. This is where we can help! Our products are healthy, eco-friendly and some are NZ made, and people love them! Download our fundraising brochure and if you need any advice, we’re only too happy to help.

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