Looking for a way to improve your fundraising efforts which doesn’t require additional sales time or resources? It turns out it may be easier than you think, thanks to the psychology of gift giving. Now we’re not talking about the actual giving of a gift to someone for Christmas or their birthday. Rather we’re referring to the act of monetary gift giving or giving a donation to a worthy cause – your fundraising need!

Let’s explore how you can use the psychology of gift giving to your advantage.

How the Psychology of Gift Giving Can Improve Your Fundraising Efforts

Asking people for donations can be disheartening. With so many worthy causes out there, people are stretched thin financially, making it hard for them to justify giving to yet another fundraising effort. That’s where we can help. We provide you with highly marketable and profitable products you can sell to others. Our fundraising products are items people really want and need, with the added bonus of being eco-friendly too!

So yes, choosing the right type of fundraising approach is vital, and you’ll be onto a winner by selling an eco-friendly product. But there are other things you can do which are related to the gift-giving psychology to help you make more money, including:

  • Show people exactly what you are fundraising for, or better yet, who! – research has shown that people are more likely to give to a cause if they know who they will be helping. Obviously, this is tricky when fundraising for a school or kindy, as you can’t specifically name a child. It’s easier if you are fundraising for a sportsperson’s competition trip though. If possible, you’ll do well to include a photo, name, hobbies and the reason why they need the money with your target audience.
  • Avoid making a big list of things you are fundraising for – this can seem overwhelming to people, making them think it would be pointless giving you their money. Instead, stick to one tangible thing, listing the dollar amount you are needing and photos explaining why.
  • Know who your target fundraising audience are – not everyone will purchase your fundraising product, or donate money to your cause. Your job is to identify whom you are going to target before deciding upon your approach strategy or product. For instance, reusable lunch wraps are going to impress Mums, but not so much Joe Bloggs off the street.
  • Tug on their heartstrings – someone who has empathy for your fundraising cause is more likely to support it. Once again this relates to identifying the person or people whom will benefit the most from the fundraiser. There’s also the feel-good factor someone has when giving which you can play on too.

At Real Good Fundraising, we’d love to help you reach your fundraising goals! Download a copy of our eco-friendly product catalogue, or get in touch with us today.

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