When it comes to looking for healthy fundraising ideas for a school, you could be forgiven for thinking they don’t exist – except right here! We strongly believe that by choosing healthy fundraising ideas and products, you are benefiting both your school and your supporters.  We’ve put together a list of healthy and eco-friendly ideas you may wish to consider.

Eco-Friendly & Healthy Fundraising Ideas

Say no to chocolate and lollies, trying one of these healthy options for your next fundraiser instead:

  • Barbeques at the school can be a great opportunity to highlight healthy options such as grilled vegetables, lean meats, vegetarian meats, fresh salads, wholemeal bread, low-fat mayonnaise and sauce/s, use of lean meats, and vegetable patties
  • Nuts and trail mix such as Scroggin
  • Crisps made from vegetables
  • Rice and corn crackers are a tasty and crunchy snack
  • Roasted nuts and chickpeas
  • Toasted sandwiches
  • Homemade pizzas
  • Filled rolls
  • Hosting a community breakfast where local businesses can donate healthy food, and the school can ask for a small donation to attend
  • At school fairs or stands, a school can sell boxes of fruit, fruit smoothies, fruit salad, instead of the cakes and biscuits sold at bake sales
  • A school could hold a raffle where the prize is a healthy snack.
  • Plain popcorn
  • Cookbooks are an old favourite, but they can have hundreds of healthy recipes for people to try out at home
  • Eco and environmentally friendly N.Z made products, of which we have many! Check out our eco-friendly and healthy fundraising ideas which include Go Bamboo toothbrushes, straws, dish scrubbers, reusable sandwich bags, magnetic photo frames, palm oil free soap and compostable dish cloths.

5 Reasons Why Healthy Fundraising Is Important?

If you still weren’t convinced about why your school should ditch the chocolates, then these five points may just make it clear for you:

  1. Shows the community that you care more about health than how much money you can make selling chocolate or candy bars.
  2. As a positive role model, it gives you personal satisfaction by being socially conscious and not contributing to poor health.
  3. Makes people especially children see that healthy foods can be just as enjoyable as sugary drinks and fatty foods.
  4. Supports the schools’ policies on healthy foods, and what kids are taught in the classroom is reinforced and applied to the real world.
  5. Encourages healthy eating for kids when they see their teachers and parents rally behind a positive cause.

It is important to keep the importance of eating healthy in school and out of school, to avoid sending cross-wire messages. Remember, we’ve got all of your healthy fundraising ideas and products in the bag here at Real Good Fundraising – so download our catalogue now!

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