It’s fair to say that building effective and long-lasting relationships with donors takes significant time and effort. The reward is immense though, with donors and supporters sticking around for the long haul. It’s also easier to retain existing donors than it is to recruit new ones.

In saying so, it pays to have a good understanding of the types of strategies your organisation can use to build successful relationships with donors. That’s what we’re focussing upon today.

6 Key Strategies to Build Successful Relationships with Donors

Here are six useful strategies to help you maintain the relationships donors and supporters have with your organisation:

  1. Remember to keep making a good first impression – it’s true that it’s not the first time that they’ve had something to do with your organisation. Yet every time they do, be it by phone, email or in person, treat it like it is. Being polite, helpful, courteous and punctual helps form a good impression.
  2. Say thank you – never take your donors for granted. Find a way of thanking them for all that they do which works for everyone.
  3. Listen and respond to feedback – when your organisation is given feedback from its sponsors, listen carefully and act upon it. This could include making changes to how fundraisers are managed through to contacting donors.
  4. Communicate effectively – donors like to know what is happening, but in a way and time which suits them. This could mean sending out email newsletters based upon their subscription preferences, spreading the news via social media or giving them a phone call. This is where utilising their feedback about communication preferences comes in handy.
  5. Make donating easy and safe – whether you collect donations via internet banking, cheques in the mail or cash in the school office, it’s vital that donors can support your organisation with minimal effort. They also need to trust that their financial details and their donations are safe too.
  6. Follow up – it’s great when you achieve your fundraising goals, but have you let your sponsors know? At the end of the campaign, let donors know what was accomplished. This could be by including photos of the new equipment in use or letters by children explaining how happy they feel on social media or on your website.

For other useful ideas on donor relationships, as well as fundraising ideas, take a read of the growing range of fundraising articles today.

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