If you’re stuck on ways you can increase fundraising participation within your school, sports club or not-for-profit, this is for you. We’ve put together a collection of ideas on how to muster those volunteers needed to organise and run a successful fundraising event.

6 Ways to Increase Fundraising Participation & Get Those Volunteers Lining Up

Successful fundraising events unfortunately don’t organise and run themselves. They require the time and commitment from a team of volunteers, plus the support from the local community. To increase participation, we’ve put together a collection of six things you could try:

  1. Be clear in your desired outcome – what is your fundraiser for? Who will it benefit? How much do you need to fund?
  2. List the required tasks – often people are reluctant to put their hand up to help because they don’t want to do something specific. By listing the tasks, they can select the ones they feel most comfortable doing.
  3. Reach out directly – a mass targeted approach asking for help can leave people feeling like you won’t need them, as others will volunteer instead. Asking directly via phone, email or in-person can increase participation rates.
  4. Demonstrate the benefits – your fundraiser may not directly benefit your volunteers, but you can explain to them exactly who benefit. This is where having photos of the item you are fundraising for along with information about the people who will benefit comes in handy.
  5. Communicate clearly – letting both your volunteers and event attendees know exactly what is happening will increase fundraising participation. Use a variety of ways to spread the message including social media. A combination of videos, photos and personal stories can help reach a wider audience.
  6. Thank your supporters – so often people will turn up and show their support for a cause but leave the event unacknowledged. It is important that you show your appreciation for those who help, both volunteers and donors. Take a read of our article Ideas for Thanking Supporters and Donors for ways on how to do this.

We’d love to be a part of your future fundraisers. Take a look at the different types of fundraisers we can help you with and download a copy of our catalogue to learn more about the eco-friendly products we have available for your organisation.

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