Thanking supporters and donors who have helped you meet your fundraising goals is something many organisations don’t think about. Yet doing so can make it much easier to keep those supporters on board with you for future campaigns.

Today we take a look at six ways you can say thank you to those who provide financial and other support to your organisation.

6 Ways of Thanking Supporters and Donors

Thanking donors and supporters isn’t just good manners; it’s a way to build relationships. By recognising what they have offered to your organisation, you are encouraging their future involvement, making future fundraising ventures easier for you. Here are six meaningful ways you can say thank you:

  1. Show public appreciation – place their names and how they have helped your organisation on your website, in emails or newsletters. You could even add their names to sponsorship boards or on social media too. Just make sure you check that they are okay with you doing so.
  2. Send handwritten notes – it is all too easy to send an email or mass photocopied letter. Instead, take the time to write a short handwritten note saying thanks. Or if you are sending a generic letter, pop a short handwritten message at the bottom. Thank you cards from children are most appreciated – just saying.
  3. Make a phone call – ring your donors and tell them just how much their support has helped.
  4. Share your fundraising results – if you’ve raised enough money to build a playground, take a photo of the kids using it and send it to your supporters. This way they can see exactly what their donation provided.
  5. Host a morning tea – thanking supporters and donors by hosting a morning tea is a lovely way to show your appreciation. It can also be an opportunity for them to meet the beneficiaries or see what their efforts have helped achieve by taking a tour of the new building or playground.
  6. Recognise the stage they are at – some may have made their first donation, while others are on their third. When someone does purchase fundraising products from you, make sure you recognise which relationship stage they are at with you.

Taking the time to recognise the support your organisation has been offered demonstrates that you are truly appreciative. Both supporters and donors are more willing to continue to help purchase your fundraising products, volunteer or donate to your fundraising campaigns in the future.

For more advice on running successful fundraising campaigns, make sure to check out our regularly growing collection of helpful fundraising articles today. 

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