Frequently Asked Questions

Do you only work with schools?

  • No! While our main focus is on school fundraisers, we work with anyone who is wishing to fundraise including early childhood education centres, sports or cultural groups, clubs and charities.

How much profit can we make?

    • You make between 20 – 50% profit depending on the type of fundraiser you run and the products you choose and if any of our “early bird” specials are included. See our Fundraiser Type page for details. 

What types of fundraisers can we run with your products?

    • As we know each school or group has different needs, we offer TWO fundraiser options:
    • BUY-A-BOX: a set amount of product is ordered and paid for upfront, and then the product sold on-the-spot to buyers. Ideal for stalls, markets, when you have a set fundraising target, or having an ongoing display at your reception. 
    • PRE-ORDERS: orders and payments are taken by the school first and then the final order is sent to Real Good Fundraising. 
    • See Fundraiser Type for more details

Do we have to pay upfront?

  • Pre-orders – No, you only pay after you have taken order and payment from you buyers, and you purchase the exact number of products you need
  • Buy-a-box – If you are a school or registered charity you can apply for 30 day credit terms. You will be invoiced upon ordering the product, with payment due 30 days from the product being shipped. Please contact us to request a form. Otherwise, payment is required prior to the product being shipped to you.

How do I pay?

  • Our preferred payment method is direct deposit into our bank account. You will be sent an invoice with all the details when payment is required.

Do your prices include GST?

  • Yes, all prices in the catalogue include GST. Real Good Fundraising is GST registered.

How much does shipping cost?

    • There is a $10 flat rate shipping charge per order for urban deliveries and $15 flat rate for rural deliveries.

What is the minimum order?

    • For Buy-a-box orders, each product has a different minimum order. This is outlined in our catalogue.
    • There is no minimum order for Pre-Orders. 

How long will it take for products to arrive?

    • For Buy-a-box orders, please order at least 10 working days prior to your fundraiser starting.
    • For Pre-Order fundraisers, the products will arrive 5-10 working days after payment.
    • You are welcome to book in as far in advance as you like, and we will organise for your products to arrive at the right time.

Can I get samples?

    • Yes, samples are available – please contact us to request these. You can choose between purchasing a sample pack to keep – perhaps use the products for a raffle or sell as a small fundraiser – or using a loan sample pack. Return shipping for loan packs will be at your expense, but generally will fit a $7 NZ Post bag. 

Can I combine products?

    • Yes! We encourage you to sell several products with a range of pricing, so that there are choices to suit your buyers needs and budget, and to help maximise your profits. 

How do I get a copy of your catalogue?

  • Download a copy of our catalogue by clicking here

How do I order?

  • Complete the order form on our website. You will then be contacted to organise your fundraiser.

I’m unsure what quanities I might sell with my Buy-a-box fundraiser – if I sell out, can I order more?

  • Yes, of course! If you sell out of any of your buy-a-box products, we’re happy for you to continue by taking pre-orders for the remainder of your fundraiser. You can then do a bulk order with us at the end of your fundraiser. Note that any products sold as pre-orders after buy-a-box stock has sold out will be invoiced at the pre-order prices.



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