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Why Real Good Fundraising?

We saw many parents being frustrated with unhealthy fundraisers and schools struggling to find viable alternatives, we were inspired to start our own business to make healthy fundraising easier. We have pulled together a range of products that we believe are good for our kids and good for our planet! 

 As a mum of three, I completely understand the drag of fundraisers. While an important part of keeping many schools, ECEs and other groups up and running, they can become repetitive and uninspiring. Many of the traditional fundraising options are also unhealthy for our kids or unhealthy for our beautiful country (or both!).

With an interest in sustainability and reducing waste and single use plastic in our household, the eco-friendly products we offer as fundraisers are products that we use and love in our family! 

Lets work together and do good things for your fundraising group and good things for New Zealand.

Haley Collier

Real Good Fundraising


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