Here you will find our free resources for schools and parents, as well as information on books, websites or other resources that we think will be of interest.

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Resource for schools (COMING SOON!)

Real Good Fundraising is currently developing some resources for schools, and parents who wish to encourage schools to adopt healthier fundraising practices.

This includes:

  • Top tips for a healthier fundraising barbeque
  • Become a Fizz-Free Fundraising school – with ideas on alternatives to selling high sugar, carbonated drinks at events and fundraisers
  • A guideline for parents: ways to encourage healthier fundraising and food for sale at schools or school events

These resources are coming soon – if you would like to know when they are ready, sign up to our newsletter mailing list using the link above!

Here are my favourite resources about “real food”:


  • What the Fat? By Grant Schofield and Caryn Zinn. An amazing book written in New Zealand that outlines the science behind why a low carb, healthy fat diet is so good for us, and packed with easy, yummy recipes.
  • Simplicious by Sarah Wilson. With less of the sweeter recipes filled with rice malt syrup than her earlier “I Quit Sugar” books, Simplicious focuses more on meals and savoury snacks, and reducing food waste. So many good recipes!

Websites and Facebook pages:

  • Mikki Williden: a NZ based real food nutritionist. Saved my bacon when struggling with a dairy free diet and exhaustion with a non-sleeping baby. Amazing, science based advice and recipes, and a great consult service as well as a monthly meal plan club.
  • Ditch The Carbs: good, simple explanations around the damage of sugar and highly processed carbohydrates.
  • Real Food In New Zealand Facebook page: Run by Maryana Lishman, this group has over 10,000 members and is a wonderful place for those new to real food eating – full of recipes, advice and support.
  • Dom’s Kitchen: NZ based paleo food blogger Claire Deeks and her awesome son Dom share their experiences and recipes. Fab inspiration for a healthier lunchbox options, regular challenges to join, and a great Kitchen Club to help inspire and support parents to provide healthier food options.


  • That Sugar Film – what started it for us! Wonderful, funny but hard hitting documentary that explores the impact of the highly processed, sugar and carb heavy diet our society has adopted. A great watch and great for older kids/teens and getting other family members on board with a change to real food.
  • Cereal Killers: another great documentary about low carb, healthy fat eating.

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