Are you struggling to identify ways to ensure your school fundraising efforts are a success? With all of the hard work which goes into a school fundraiser, it’s important that you see the financial benefit at its completion. Breaking even or worse, being in the red, just aren’t acceptable results!

At Real Good Fundraising, we’re often asked for ideas on ways schools can boost their fundraising efforts. Today we’re sharing our top tips on what you can do to increase the success of your school fundraising efforts.

Top Secrets for Boosting Your School Fundraising Success

The good news is that you don’t need to be a natural salesperson to host a successful school fundraiser. What you do need is a passion for your cause, which in this case is your child’s school.. From building relationships with other parents, using skills which you haven’t used for a while and the feeling of satisfaction when you reach your goal, the rewards for participating in a fundraiser are immense. But what can you do to ensure your efforts and those of others won’t be for nothing?

The success of your school’s fundraiser may lie in one of these points:

  • Price point – if you are selling a product or experience, be sure that you price them correctly. Not only do you need to take into account the price you purchase them for, but also the price at which people would be comfortable paying for them. Remember that the higher your profit per item, the less items you need to sell to reach your goal.
  • A specific cause – what is it that you are wanting to raise money for? Knowing exactly what the final result you seek is will help you explain to others. People are more willing to give for a specific item or result, than for something general. Having photos or drawings of what you will purchase or do with the fundraised money is also useful.
  • Your target audience – who will you be targeting your fundraising efforts at? If you are selling to school families, a product which will be of benefit to them will sell better than one which doesn’t. For example, reusable food pouches and beeswax lunch wraps would be a good choice, but a voucher for a skydive may not.
  • Product choice – selling the same thing again and again is off putting. Mix up the products you choose to sell to maximise sales.
  • Let people know – people have a choice to purchase the product from you, or to buy it elsewhere. Let them know the amount of money your school will receive from each product by purchasing it from you. This is especially important if the product is cheaper elsewhere.

For more advice and tips on hosting a successful fundraiser, be sure to check out our other handy articles.

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