Everyone loves lists right? We thought it would be fun (and helpful) to put together a huge list of fundraising ideas for you – but with a difference. Instead of just giving you seven or twelve great ideas, we’ve put together 26, one for each letter of the alphabet!

So without further ado (we just had to say that), here is you’re a to Z list of fundraising ideas.


  • art auction – why not have your school community create the artwork?
  • aerobics class
  • afternoon tea
  • arts and crafts evening
  • antiques fair


  • BBQ – the good old sausage sizzle!
  • book sale
  • Bingo night
  • bake sale – each family can donate a handmade cake
  • bowls day
  • biking challenge
  • beard shaving for donation
  • battle of the bands
  • bake off – a little competition between others is a good thing
  • bonfire evening
  • bring and buy
  • blind date evening
  • BMX bike display – have some talented youngsters and their parents in your school?
  • busking


  • car wash
  • casino night
  • coin trail – remember those old coin trails where you go from point A to point B?
  • competition
  • crafts
  • caption competition – everyone votes for their favourite caption with a gold coin
  • car boot sale
  • coffee morning
  • cricket match
  • cycle-a-thon
  • Christmas carols – sell tickets to your carol evening
  • cocktail night
  • comedy night
  • cinema screening


  • disco
  • dog walking – advertise to your community that you’re available for dog walking duties
  • dance marathon
  • dinner dance
  • darts tournament
  • dress up day


  • eighties night
  • Easter egg hunt
  • exhibition
  • egg and spoon races – a great one for galas and fairs
  • expert talk
  • email marketing
  • eating competition
  • exercise
  • endurance race
  • egg painting


  • fancy dress
  • fashion show
  • football tournament
  • fair
  • football sweepstake
  • face painting
  • fun run
  • Facebook fundraiser
  • film club – organise a monthly film night for a donation per entry
  • fishing competition
  • fireworks night


  • garden party
  • go-karting
  • guess the weight
  • give up a vice
  • golf day
  • good deeds for donations
  • games night
  • give it up this lent
  • girls night in
  • garage sale
  • gardening


  • head shaving
  • hair braiding
  • haircuts
  • Halloween party
  • Hogmanay
  • hula hoop marathon
  • hiking challenge
  • highlands games
  • hire services


  • ice cream eating or making
  • international themed evenings
  • information day
  • Irish day
  • indoor jumble sale
  • ironman challenge
  • Italian evening – pasta and pizza night?


  • jazz night
  • jewellery making
  • juggling lessons
  • James Bond movie-a-thon
  • joke-a-thon
  • Japanese theme night
  • jeans at work day
  • jigsaw marathon
  • jog-a-thon
  • juice stand


  • Karaoke night
  • kite flying or kite making workshop
  • kiss-a-thon – rather x-rated, but may work for some adult events
  • keep fit workout session
  • knitting


  • late night walk
  • line dancing
  • lunch shared with others
  • ladies night
  • live music night
  • Lego making competition
  • loose change collection – dump your change rather than carry it around
  • lawn mowing
  • limbo competition – how low can you go?
  • lingerie party


  • masquerade ball
  • mile of coins
  • murder mystery evening
  • marathon
  • matched giving – ask businesses if they’ll match your donation
  • music and mulled wine evening
  • Mad Hatter’s tea party
  • magic show – got some talented youngsters? Hold a magic show and invite others to watch
  • Melbourne Cup day
  • movie night


  • name the baby competition
  • nearly new sale
  • netball tournament
  • nature trail  
  • New Year’s Eve party
  • non-uniform day
  • night in
  • nominate a teacher/boss
  • no makeup selfie donations
  • night at the movies


  • obstacle course
  • old clothes sale
  • odd jobs for donations
  • one day fast – stop eating for 24 hours for donations
  • open garden day
  • outdoor movie screening – just like a drive in, but on picnic rugs instead
  • Olympics challenges
  • origami workshop
  • office collection


  • photograph competition – grab those cameras, set a theme and vote with a gold coin
  • pancake party
  • parties – why not offer to decorate and cater at birthday parties?
  • pet show
  • plant sale
  • plastic duck race
  • picnic
  • pub games
  • press up challenge
  • paintball
  • preloved sale
  • pampering evening – perfect for around Mother’s Day
  • press up challenge
  • penalty shoot out
  • potluck dinner


  • quilt making – charge a donation to attend the demonstration
  • quiz night
  • Q&A with local celebrity


  • retail – sell eco-friendly products (we’ve got lots of options for you!)
  • races
  • raffles
  • read-a-thon – how many books can your kids read in a month?
  • rugby match
  • regular giving
  • recipe book sale


  • scrabble tournament
  • swear jar – how much will your co-workers need to pay up?
  • sports day
  • sponsored silence – let the silence begin, and yes, kids can be sponsored too!
  • swimming
  • sweepstakes
  • spring cleaning service
  • street party
  • skateboard display
  • Santa’s grotto – set up a room at school, find a volunteer Santa and charge an entry fee
  • scavenger hunt
  • slave for a day
  • speed dating


  • talent quest
  • treasure hunt
  • Twister-a-thon
  • trivia evening – always a popular night at the local pub
  • tug of war competition
  • tea party
  • themed day or evening
  • teddy bears picnic
  • throwing wet sponges at person in stocks
  • tuck shop
  • tennis tournament


  • unwanted presents sale
  • upcycling demonstrations
  • uniform free day


  • valet service – rather than parking cars, why not clean them?
  • variety show
  • Valentine’s Day event
  • vegetarian night
  • vegetable selling – got extra produce in your school garden?
  • volleyball tournament
  • virtual fundraising – check out our blog for some ideas!
  • vintage sales


  • wine tasting – what a tough fundraiser!
  • weight loss competition
  • wax it for cash
  • wear it – got some clothes you’d never wear? You may if someone makes a donation for you to wear it!
  • walking competition
  • wine and cheese evening
  • walk to work
  • world record attempt
  • window cleaning – gather the brooms and ask around; people hate washing windows!
  • white elephant sale
  • wheelbarrow races


  • Xmas party
  • x marks the spot
  • Xmas craft fair
  • Xbox tournament – this is one for the guys!
  • X-factor themed show


  • yoga lessons – find a teacher willing to volunteer their time and you charge admission
  • yearly donation
  • yearlong challenge
  • yoyo competition – give out spot prizes to entrants
  • yodelling workshop


  • Zumba lessons
  • Zombie dress up party

Phew, that’s a huge list of fundraising ideas! If you’ve tried one or more of these, or something completely different, we’d love to hear what you did! Let us know in the comments below.

Which of Our A to Z Fundraising Ideas Are Right For You?

Now comes the tough part; choosing which fundraising ideas are best for your school, kindy or not for profit organisation. There are going to be some which are completely unsuitable, but there’ll also be some which you have a tough time choosing between. To help you decide, here are some points to consider:

  • time – how much time will it take to organise or hold the fundraising event? Will it give you the required funds in the time you need them?
  • cash – do you need to invest in the idea before you can start fundraising for it?
  • people power – how many people will you need to successfully undertake the activity or idea? Can you recruit the required number of volunteers? Who will manage your volunteers and ensure they know what they are doing?
  • marketing – how will you get the word out to your target market that you are actively fundraising? Will it work for this particular fundraising idea?

For more great fundraising ideas take a read of our blog. But more importantly, for some awesome eco-friendly fundraising products, come and see what we have to offer!

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