Is there a perfect time to launch a fundraising campaign? Is winter a better time than spring? Will launching your fundraiser around Christmas encourage donations or have a low uptake as donors spend their cash on festive products instead? Read on and let’s take a look at how to decide when it is the right time for your organisation to start its fundraising campaign.

Choosing the Right Time to Launch Your Fundraising Campaign

From your organisation’s point of view, the right time to launch your fundraising campaign is when you need or when you know you are going to need the money for a specific reason. But for your supporters, the best time would be when they have the money to give you and the ability to help. For all these things to line up, it is best to do some planning, reflection and thinking around:

  • Time to holidays – during the school holidays, parents are often busy and unavailable to volunteer their time to help fundraise. Right before school holidays though, parents are looking for activities for the kids to do, so appropriate eco-fundraising gifts could sell well then.
  • Seasons – a street collection in winter is unlikely to be popular with volunteers or supported by donors. But if you sought donations online, you would likely have more luck. Seasons can play a role in how people feel, so if your fundraising goal helps them to feel better or they realise the benefits it provides others, support is often easily achieved.
  • Special events – in the lead up to Christmas, buying gifts is high on the list for most people. Timing your campaign to launch around October or early November could prove profitable.
  • Fundraising calendar – when creating your fundraising strategy, you would have identified the times throughout the year when you would hold campaigns. However, if you have an additional opportunity to fundraise, be sure to launch it far enough away from previous and future campaigns.    
  • Other known external campaigns – try to avoid launching your campaign around other known campaigns from others in your community, plus those major nationwide campaigns from predominant charities.

If we could sum these things up and suggest an optimal time to launch your campaign, it would be:

  • When you have a specific goal
  • You are planning ahead of when you need the money
  • You have the physical support of volunteers
  • Your community supporters have not recently been asked to contribute to your cause

You also need to have the right fundraising products, and we’ve got you covered there! Download your free fundraising catalogue today and enjoy a successful campaign like so many of our supporters have before!

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