Remember growing up and having to sell plastic pegs or chocolate bars? Well, they’re long gone, and eco-friendly fundraisers are here to stay; thank goodness!

The thing with fundraising is that to be successful; you want to provide your supporters with something they want or need. It’s true that when chocolate first began being sold door to door, it was very successful! Who doesn’t need a quick and instant chocolate fix? However, as time has passed, as a society, we’re more health conscious. We’re also getting bored with being asked to support by buying the same thing again and again.

Enter the age of eco-friendly fundraisers. Good for us, good for the planet and certainly good for our bank accounts, they have proven highly successful at raising money for schools, clubs and charities. Let us explain why…


3 Reasons Why Eco-Friendly Fundraisers Work Well

Society is becoming more aware of the impact we have on the environment. Our purchasing habits have changed, and our use of resources is different too. We’re now concerned with how something is made if it can be reused or recycled, and the journey it has taken to get to us.

These decisions we’re making have naturally led us to wanting eco-friendly products over not so environmentally sound ones, including in what we purchase for fundraisers. The three main reasons why eco-friendly fundraisers are so successful include:

1. Following  values – if someone is committed to being green, they’ll do so in all areas of their lives. Providing an environmentally friendly product helps make their choice to support you an easy one.

2. Societal pressure – we all want to be seen to do the right thing and sometimes a little guilt trip isn’t that bad. When we see a solution to a waste problem we face, it makes us feel good when we work towards remedying it. For instance, targeting Mums with beeswax wraps as the solution to plastic wrap in lunch boxes.

3. High-quality products – eco-friendly products are designed to have the least amount of impact upon the environment. Many are also purposefully designed to be used many times. To do this, they need to be of high quality, and when supporters understand this, they are more likely to support your cause.

We know that eco-friendly fundraisers are here to stay. We’re excited to offer our range of healthy, eco-friendly and NZ-made products to you! Grab yourself a copy of our fundraising catalogue, and if you have any questions, just ask!

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